Shine Series

The Shine Series slim column loudspeaker is developed for application even in acoustically critical room. It features high-quality linguistic and high fidelity music reproduction as well as high sound pressure level. Shine Series is ideal solution for house of worship, temple, lecture hall, conference room and exhibition hall.

Full-frequency is using the compact structure column speaker, through the auxiliary acoustic phase design, it phase to minimize interference between each units. All unites have excellent performance consistency and stability. They all independently developed and manufactured entirely by Mach.

Bass system also uses its own special high output, long stroke woofer, bass cabinet is not only compact, but also can be hung installation. It comes with a separate amplifier system, and you can adjust the crossover frequency and phase, make it more simple and convenient to connect with full-frequency column speaker.


Shine 1220


Shine 820


Shine 420