The Mach Speakers is designed to fulfill the demands of engineers, contractors and installer who work with professional sound reinforcement system in short to long throw installation such as discotheques, concert halls, theatre, corporate venues, cafes, house of worship, etc. All Mach Speakers has been developed with an emphasis on fine performance, compact size and high reliability with focus on easy flying and service as well.

All top boxes have been design for different applications, from short to long throw; all tuned with sonic emphasis just above the sub-frequencies, perfectly matching with the compact, extremely reliable and produce very high output Mach CW Subwoofers. The philosophy behind this design is well known in touring applications but also well adapted to an installation environment. The advantages of utilizing a dedicated top box over a full range box include higher sensitivity, higher power handling and very compact size.

Performance With the powerful Mach you don't look back, you don't have to.

DJ/Club In the crush and push of any show, Mach will shadow you all night long.

AV/Conference The Mach lets you concentrate on what matters.

Installation The Mach helps you chase out empty space and fill it with a clean and dynamic sound.