The Mach WLA Series

The WLA is loaded with double 10" LF, double 8" MF and two high frequency drivers. Each enclosure is constructed of high grade birch ply-wood and is custom fitted with steel fly hardware hanging up to 12 enclosures in a single array. Our user friendly hardware also allows the user to stack up to 6 enclosures.
Ballister is design to work as sub with WLA which combines high output with low-Q design. Power handling is solid 1KW AES.


  Category Three-way cellular drive
  Sensitivity 1w/1m 108dB
  Maximum RMS dB 134dB continuous, 140dB peak (8 x WLA 146dB continuous, 152dB peak)
  Drivers (neodymium magnet) LF 2 × 10" MF 2 × 8" HF 2 × 1"
  Nominal impedance LF 6 Ω MF 8 Ω HF 16 Ω
  Power rating AES LF 800W AES MF 400W AES HF 200W AES
  Dispersion angle avg H 90° V 0°-10°
  Dimensions 325 x 880 x 630 mm
  Net weight 53 kg
  Connectors 2 x Speakon NL-4
  Order information P/N 95401010