Mach MKM-28 Handheld Dual Receiver Wireless Microphone, the sound is designed to make it easy for users to sing, making the vocals wide and loud. The frequency range of the receiver is between 640-690Mhz, and a total of 200 frequency points can be selected. A single microphone has 100 receiving channels. After testing before leaving the factory, under actual conditions, 86 frequency channels can be used together in the same project without frequency interruption. The handheld wireless microphone and the receiver will not be connected to other frequencies in series after the frequency is paired, and the receiver can be set to lock screen mode to avoid misoperation.




-- Receiver
Receiver mode
Intermediate frequency
Frequency range
The wireless interface
The sensitivity
Sensitivity range
Stray inhibition
Maximum output strength
Radio receiver output
Receiver audio output impedance


Microphone transmitter
Oscillation mode
Synthetic power supply should be
Carrier frequency
Signal to noise ratio
Frequency interference ratio
Pickup pattern
Transmission power
Battery life


Order Information

MKM-28 black


Secondary frequency conversion superheterodyne
First intermediate frequency:110MHz Second:10.7mhz
BNC / 50 euro
- 40dB
75 db or higher
Distortion degree of 5%
≤700 Audio output level not less than 0~0.2V


PLL PLL frequency
VAA DC3V (1.5 * 2)
Moving coil
30mw(high) 3mw(low)
Approx. 10 hours (30MW)



P/N 99000010

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