As a dual 18" frontloaded subwoofer, the M218Tmk2 is designed specially to support the M15CT or TLA & WLA Series. To achieve excellent sub bass reproduction while maintaining clarity and impulse performance, M218Tmk2 has been designed as a bass reflex cabinet. The woofers feature a 4" interleaved sandwich voice coil with windings on the outside as well as the inside of the voice coil former. The result is a balanced coil with uniform distribution of mass and motive energy that provides an extremely linear motor assembly. In addition the motor features the use of double demodulating rings which nearly eliminates intermodulation and harmonic distortion while improving impulse and transient response.

In order to achieve maximum strength and reliability, the diaphragm is reinforced with carbon fiber. The design of the basket and the double spider offer excellent heat dissipation and thereby very low power compression.




Power rating IEC268
Sensitivity 1w/1m
Max SPL continuous
Max SPL peak
Nominal Impedance
Frequency Response
Recommended amplifier

Weight & Measurement

Dimensions (HxWxD)
Net weight
Input connector

Order Information

M218Tmk2 black


Medium Throw
1800 watt (AES)
100 dB
136 dB
140 dB
2 x 18”woofer
2 x 8Ω
35Hz ~ 250Hz
2400 watt, 4Ω


1050 x 590 x 720mm
68 kg (150 lbs)
Black SafeCoat coating
2 mm steel with foam backing
2 x Speakon NL4 (1+1-/2+2-)


P/N 95101062

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